Sales Secretory

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Who We are

Maa-Althahab, from Al Masmoum Group, is one of the leading and most famous fragrance brands in the Middle East and Africa. Founded in 2006, the company pursued innovative thinking in making unique perfumes which match the lifestyles and personalities of all clients


  • Handle and complete all company’s franchise processes, procedures and responsibilities. 
  • Serve as the focal point of communication between all franchise departments in countries of operations and the HO. 
  • Maintain and update all franchisees and leads contact lists, directories and details. 
  • Manage and utilize the sales department team members to achieve the sales and collection targets.


    1. Act as the focal point of communication between the franchise departments in countries of operations and the Head Office. 
      1. Receive and collect all required information from franchise departments. This information can include sales reports, royalties, pricing lists, discount policies and local marketing plans. 
      2. Circulate this information to the department head. all communications from the franchise department. 
    2. Insert, maintain, check and audit present and a new franchise, franchisees information, contact lists, directories and legal documents. 
      1. Update the same information in the company’s ERP system to ensure its accuracy and completeness. 
    3. Arrange, schedule and follow up on all present and future scheduled tasks in the company’s ERP system (these include visits, calls, meetings, etc.). 
      1. Prepare monthly performance reports and provide them to the department head. 
    4. Prepare, plan, and deliver regular training sessions for area supervisors on related systems (PipeDrive - Odoo). 
    5. Insert, maintain, and follow up on all new leads received in the franchise email and from other sources. 
      1. Update this information in the company’s ERP system. 
    6. Attend to customer complaints. 
      1. Receive customer complaints regularly through the assigned channels. 
      2. Create a special log for customer complaints to document receiving them. 
      3. Work on resolving these complaints in a timely manner and include action taken in the log. 
      4. Forward unresolved customer complaints to the direct manager to help resolve them. 
    7. Provide all necessary support to franchisees to ensure the overall success of the franchising relationship (for the franchisor as well as a franchisee).
    8. Follow up daily work for all salespeople.


  • Bachelor degree in the accountant or administration.
  • 2-3 years of office/administrative experience
  • Excellent Customer Service and telephone communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational and filing skills.
  • Ability to work on multiple tasks with varying deadlines.